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Mummy Me Playgroups are for British Irish Mums and Dads living in the USA. Join us Today! Click on locations to find a Mummy and Me playgroup in your area. Meet with fellow Brits once a week to catch up and feel like you're at home! Remember to explore our website too - You never know what you might find!

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Mummy Me Playgroup Finder

A Mummy Me playgroup is a fun way to spend time together with other British Irish Mums living in the US. Find Mummy Me playgroups across America through our website. Click here to begin your search.

Nationwide mummy activities in the USA.

Mummy Me Shop - Clothes, Gifts and much more

No more "I LOVE MOM"! Visit our shop and get "I LOVE MUM" and many more Mummy products. T-shirts, sweaters, mugs, hats, stickers and more.Click here to begin shopping!

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Mummy Blog

Updated weekly, Shona McKenney, creater of, writes about life in America as a British Mummy. Funny, sarcastic, but truthful and helpful, Shona's Blog is a weekly must-read for any Mummy living abroad!

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Mummy Me Articles and Recommended Reads

Great Reads! Articles are hand picked or written by Mummy Me and relate directly to either Britain, Ireland, Parenting or a combination of all 3.

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Stay in Touch with Home

Check out Mummy Me's great ways to stay in touch with home, most of which are FREE!!! Staying in touch with family back home is extremley important not only for you but for your kids too!

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Mummy Me Message Board

Chat with other Mummy's! Ask questions, get answers, share stories and ideas. It's a great way to chat with other British and Irish Mum's living in the US.

British Mummy Me Playgroups in the USA, listed by state and county

Connecting the British in america usa with other brits.

British and Irish children l,iving in the USA

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